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3D Printer Matchmaking

Choosing the right 3D printer is like choosing the right pair of jeans. Several factors come into play like style, functionality, and use. Choosing the right 3D printer to bring your visions to life depends on a few factors, and considering these factors before buying is crucial. Here is a list of elements to keep in mind when shopping for a new 3D printer:


#1:  Find a 3D printer with the right build volume, consider the size of what you want to build. Printers with low build volumes typically create smaller prints and make perfect desktop companions. Printers with larger build volumes are perfect for creating larger prints and depending on the model can print multiple objects at once.

 #2: Material Capabilities, some 3D printers come with an all metal hot-end [the component on the 3d printer where the filament comes out of when creating your prints] which allows for utilization of different types of filaments like nylon, or carbon fiber. For those who are considering exploring a variety of materials many 3d printers can be upgraded with an all metal hot-end, whenever the need arises.

 #3: Achieving the right quality. Now this seems like a no brainer but in fact print quality is a defining factor that determines what kind a 3d printer best suits you and your needs. One question you'd need to ask yourself is "What are you considering producing?". Is it finished production parts?, prototypes?, or models just for fun? If it is finished production parts you want to consider a 3D printer with a very fine layering height that doesn't show the layering of the filament when finished and results in a very smooth and polished look. If you want to print prototypes conversely you want a printer with a thick layering height which will give you a rougher, ribbed finish product with visible layering lines, however you'll make prints more quickly and efficiently, so it all depends on what you're trying to accomplish with your prints.



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